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Complete Family Meal For Corporate…

Homely Foods has been established to bring revolution in the domestic kitchen and to bring a high level of taste to the people. “HOMELY FOOD SWAD APNE GHAR KA” has been a huge success in providing tasty food prepared in a hygienic environment, without using any lethal chemical, and only using home-made spices.

Homely Foods next venture in the same direction, “COMPLETE FAMILY MEAL Swad se bhari zindagi” has been created keeping in mind the corporate families, where both the husbands and wives are working. In these families, wife have to fulfill the responsibility of kitchen along with work. This big question haunts them every morning – what to make in lunch. she has to prepare food for the tiffin of both of them before 9-10 AM. Where both work throughout the day, but both of them had to eat cold food during lunch. because tiffin made in the morning gets cools till lunch. While returning home from office, the entire journey goes in the same thinking about what to cook by reaching home now. Due to this same sequence of both times, these family mostly prefer to go outside for food on Saturday and Sunday. outside food has prepared  according to the order of their choose  menu, but hygiene, chemical ingredients and nutrition values ​​have to be ignored.

“CFM gives you a life, full of flavor”.

1. Food of your choice

It is common for all families to have different choices for food. In CFM, you will decide the menu for the entire week according to your wish. Here, every person can choose the menu of their entire week according to their own choice.  For choosing weekly menu pure veg and non-veg menu are available in CFM.

2. CFM Delivery @ Your Work

According to your chosen menu, you can get your favorite food at your office. All you have to do is tell us your lunch timing, eating fresh and tasty tiffin. you will feel ready for tough job.

3. Discussion @ Dinner.

The evening meal will now be with pleasant talks. Your dinner will be delivered before reaching your home. Favorite, excellent, and tasty food will bring your family together on a table, because now there is no need to work in the kitchen, not to worry about cooking, nor to think of utensils.

4. CFM Sunday / Special Day Menu

You will be able to select the menu for the holiday with any dish you like. You will be able to enjoy traditional dishes, special dishes etc.

5. CFM guest or party menu

Now guest will not increase your problems, you will be able to open your heart and experience ‘guest hospitality’ to your loved ones and relatives. If you want to arrange a party, then only you have to choose the day, menu and time. Party will rocks without any stomach problem.

6. CFM online

Weakly menus, making changes in menus, guest orders, party menus, payments are all done through WhatsApp or Mail. The option to make the menu payment and extra menu payment online has been kept. Also, you can also give food orders for small- big events of the house such as Satyanarayana, pooja, anniversary Birthday etc.

Terms & Conditions

  1. You will have to pay for the CFM menu for weeks in advance.
  2. The service and delivery charges will have to pay separately for the guest menu, party order menu etc.
  3. GST will be applicable. special charges will be applicable for  packaging of the special and extra menu.
  4. Once the order is booked, it will not be cancelled in any circumstances. You can change its schedule.